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Posted by EvilSeed - May 5th, 2011

I was lurking around old files and i found this unfinished animation, it was supossed to be a sequel for one of my first movies, never finished it tho, you can watch it safely, it's kind of cool.

Watch HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only this guy has seen this animation, i think.

And here's another one i started doing for Pico 2009, i advanced a little more than thi but again, i lost motivation mid way.

I wanted to finish it now (the sticks one), but i don't really have any ideas, so i better show it to someone before is lost forever like some other unfinished movies i had.

Posted by EvilSeed - October 6th, 2009


I'm Dead........

Posted by EvilSeed - February 16th, 2008

Since i havent submitted flash in a while ive been doing some other things like Game Maker and drawings... and working (damn), so i did a second try in those VG spoof comics, this one took me alot of time, more than i expected, 6 hours in just the drawings, and maybe a lil bit more in the scanning/coloring process, i dunno i lost count at that point, and this time i think is a lot better in graphic quality and maybe in... humor quality?

It looks a lot like the silent hill 4 one in the pointing at monster sign, never noticed that until now...

Once again you will only get it if you have played the game...

What you see here is only the first frame, full and bigger version here:


Second try at VG comics, Persona 3

Posted by EvilSeed - December 25th, 2007

This is my new movie http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
go watch... oh yeah its in 3D, thats why the file size is a bit high...

made in 3d studio max 4, and flash mx 2004, and.... ITS NOT STOLEN!!!!... for example:

Dizeaze says: "Not flash? 3d?"

Gives me an Idea...
Not Flash = not supposed to be here...

i knew something like this could happen, maybe some other skeptical noobs are voting 0 just because its 3d, thats why i added details like the newgrounds logo, the laptop with the front page with the winter layout (almost not noticed) and the P-bot poster in the entrance, to prove i made it myself... so ITS NOT STOLEN!!!!111 (that poster was my entry for the cereal box art contest BTW)

that being said, hope you enjoy...

Also, if you like anime and drawings go check Kurugirl`s Userpage who has some cool drawings, dont forget to look around the other posts.

oh, and a picture of it in better res, the movie is compressed because of the filesize, bla bla, the uncompressed version went over 35 Mb :O

New 3D movie... and nothing else.

Posted by EvilSeed - November 9th, 2007

So i recently finished the game and i decided to draw this, its not very smart but if you have played it maybe... just maybe you will get the idea... BTW do you know wich game it is? (ignoring the title of the post of course) im saying this cause if you recognize the game only by the drawings, that means im not doing a terrible job....

anyway... i just wanna say that the game is awesome, but it somehow ruins the experience with a horrible gameplay and a just plain idiotic combat system... and if it had a better gameplay, the painfull tasks you have to do (like going trhu the whole game twice or the weird and tiring item delivery system), instead of being painfull they could have been a challenge, and the game could have been one of the greates ps2 games... at least thats my opinion.

Full size of the picture... WARNING: the following link will lead you to deviantart Dun Dun Duuunnnn...

Full size here

Original Monster

i would like to hear opinions and toughts about the drawing and the game... mostly the game.

oh yeah... and news by my bud creppyboy here

SH4 comic drawing... thinghy

Posted by EvilSeed - October 26th, 2007

Arrrrghhh, probably i wont be able to finish my halloween movie... as always... arrgrhrghrghr... meh, whatever... so have a halloween sketch i did in like 20 minutos for those of you who actullay will finish, and already finished your movies...

Edit: Arrggggh, even this guy, who i dont kwon <_< >_>, finished his movie, well kinda, http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

BTW Lalo is doing some halloween sketchin too... go go http://lalo.newgrounds.com/news/post/4 2208

Halloween Yipeeeee :(