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Entry #6

Unfinished Movies (just two)

2011-05-05 14:40:28 by EvilSeed

I was lurking around old files and i found this unfinished animation, it was supossed to be a sequel for one of my first movies, never finished it tho, you can watch it safely, it's kind of cool.

Watch HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only this guy has seen this animation, i think.

And here's another one i started doing for Pico 2009, i advanced a little more than thi but again, i lost motivation mid way.

I wanted to finish it now (the sticks one), but i don't really have any ideas, so i better show it to someone before is lost forever like some other unfinished movies i had.


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2011-05-05 20:36:05

Yeah, I saw the one with the sticks, that was a long time ago. You should finish it, GO FIND SOME INSPIRATION DAMMIT!!!!!!.
And the one with Pico, you have one whole freakin' year to make it. Don't let your stuff unfinished.


2013-01-15 15:27:22

Get some motivation man.